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Shopping in Colonial Williamsburg

Most people go to Colonial Williamsburg to soak up the history. But this living museum as a lot more to offer.

All around Colonial Williamsburg you will find shops that sell all kinds of items, goods that are not only well made, but that carry with them a story about America’s past all.

Shopping in Colonial WilliamsburgThis scenic historic area offers shops that provide an authentic 18th century shopping experience, allowing the visitor to see the very places that important figures such as Washington and Jefferson may themselves have visited.

The Golden Ball is one such place. There you will find imitations of precious gemstone rings, earrings, pendants, and charms made out of sterling silver and gold. Also at the Golden Ball is finely sculpted brass and pewter. Moreover, available for sale are unique, unmatched sterling pieces that have been crafted by Colonial Williamsburg’s silversmith. You can even get them engraved if you like.

Another unique shopping experience is offered in the historic area at the Prentis Store. Here you will find genuinely matchless items that have been painstakingly made by hand using the tools and techniques from the 18th century. Handcrafted leather items, iron hardware, pottery, furniture, and baskets are all on display and available for sale.

At the John Greenhow Store you will find a wide variety of items from the 18th century on sale, everything from wrought iron, to willow baskets, imported porcelain, floor cloths, fabrics, tinware, and craftsmen’s tools – just like the items John Greenhow sold during Colonial times.

At Mary Dickinson Shop you will see the finest in fashion from the Colonial period, with an array of petticoats, gowns, cloaks, mitts, caps, and straw hats that have been decorated in their own inimitable style. All of these fine fashions are made in Williamsburg, along with ladies’ jewelry and toiletries on sale as well.

Also inside the historic area you will find an open air market, with stands selling everything from toys and hats to pottery and baskets. If you are looking for a good Halloween costume – or you just want to dress like a Colonial –  you can also rent a genuine 18th century costume.

Other shops in the Colonial Williamsburg include Tarpley’s Store, which has toys and games; the Colonial Nursery, which has plants, herbs, and flowers; and the Post Office, which has prints, maps and stationary, among other items.

And if this is not enough to satisfy your shopping urges, there is a lot more just around the corner. Next to the historic area is Merchant’s Square. It has the distinction of being America’s first shopping center, and has been designated as a national landmark.

The stores here include Williamsburg At Home, a repository of exceptional home furnishings and accessories. Williamsburg Celebrations features an assortment of collectibles such as holiday decorations, floral arrangements and garden accessories. The Williamsburg Craft House offers a full range of dinnerware, flatware, glassware, sumptuous pewter, silver, ceramic giftware, folk art, and jewelry. And Everything Williamsburg has a little something for people of all different tastes, from T-shirts to tavernware and toys, as well as  a large selection of souvenir items.