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Over the past five years, the selection of eateries near Historic Yorktown has improved greatly. It used to be just a few little places on the river, but now with the addition of Riverwalk Landing, visitors can have their pick. Here are a few recommendations:

The most historic and charming place to eat is up the hill a bit, in the historic area: The Carrot Tree. You won’t be sorry you made the trek to this historic house that serves delicious food. The Cole Digges house was built in the 1720s so it’s a little house, but there’s also an upper room for groups and the staff serves it ably. The menu is a combination of sandwiches and fresh fruit platters – you’ll find something delicious, guaranteed. From the soups and salads to local favorites to the notorious carrot cake, you are in for a treat.

The Riverwalk Restaurant is more centrally located and you have the option of river-facing dining which is lovely, especially when the sailing ships are out on the river. It tends to be popular and crowded but there’s a lot of seating so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a table. The menu is extensive and leans upscale – you’ll enjoy a selection of seafood throughout, from she-crab soup to grilled salmon. There’s outdoor seating, a bar area, and the dining room with an entire wall of windows so you can enjoy the view along with your food.

For a unique experience, try the Yorktown Pub, which has quite a history in that location. Rumor has it that Hurricane Isabel washed in more than six inches of sand from the beach…and you may still hear the sand underfoot to this day. That’s just the kind of place it is – well-loved by bikers and locals alike – it serves casual food like burgers and sandwiches and many types of drinks. There’s also a wide selection of seafood – steamers as well as platters. If you are in the mood to sit in the cool shade with a sandwich and a frosty beverage, this is the place for you. You can also enjoy the wonderful Carrot Tree desserts without the hike – the Pub brings them in daily.