Jamestown Events 2015

Guests who visit Jamestown will find that there are two parks with museums.

At the original site, Jamestown Island, referred to as “Historic Jamestowne”, the primary feature is the archaeology dig, referred to as the “Jamestown Rediscovery Project”. The park is operated jointly with the National Park Service. Here visitors can take tours daily of the digs and the Archaearium, a specialty museum featuring artifacts from the digs. Also there are daily opportunities to tour the area with a park ranger. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to tour the conservation labs when you sign up for the ”Curator’s Artifact Tour”($40). Another fantastic opportunity is the “In the Trenches” tour, where a small group is given an up close look at the digs, led by project director and founder, Dr. William Kelso ($40). Both of these tours require an advanced online reservation and ticket purchase.

Adjacent to the island is Jamestown Settlement. Owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Virginia, The Settlement has an excellent museum which gives a comprehensive view of the first permanent English colony in the New World. On the grounds, visitors can tour reproductions of the settlers’ fort, Indian lodges, and exact replicas of the three ships. Guests can board the two larger of the ships, the Godspeed and the Susan Constant.

The Settlement has a full calendar of special events throughout the year.

In the museum, there are both permanent and rotating exhibits in the galleries . The current exhibit is “Working and Racing on the Bay: The Chesapeake Log Canoe”. This exhibition displays the evolution of the dugout canoe, the watercraft of the Powhatan people 400 years ago.

One of the most unique special events, held annually in March is “Military Through the Ages” featuring hundreds of re-enactors depicting armed forces from the first century A.D. to modern times. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with over 35 period groups and learn how soldiers dressed, what arms they used, how they ate and how they were housed in times of war throughout the last 20 centuries.

The month of June is “Fashion in Colonial Virginia” month. Guests learn how dyes were made, and how natural fibers were processed in to cloth. Details of the types of clothing worn by 17th century Powhatan Indians and English sailors and colonists are discussed.

August is “Tools of the Trade” month. The technology and tools used by 17th century peoples for farming, fishing, hunting, building, defense and navigation are featured.

In November, a three day event beginning Thanksgiving Day features “Foods and Feasts of Colonial Virginia”.

On May 9, 2015, both parks will be commemorating the 408th anniversary of the 1607 founding of Jamestown. This annual event features numerous family programs, displays and traditional music and entertainment.



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