Spring in Williamsburg at the Fife and Drum Inn!

Spring in Williamsburg has been a bit unpredictable this year. We’re experiencing a bit of moodiness in our weather lately: sunny with a high of 75° one day, and the next we’re bundled up in scarves and boots. Trees are bare, but the daffodils are in full bloom…we’re not sure what to expect hour to hour. Fortunately, we’ve got the perfect array of activities around here to keep ourselves and you busy until we get solidly into our summer. So pack your layers, grab your umbrella, and hit the highlights of the next few months in Williamsburg!  
Sunshine: Use a piece of history! Colonial Williamsburg is running a spring special on a program in which participants are educated on weapons history…and allowed to fire authentic reproductions of Flintlock muskets. This has very limited availability and requires a separate ticket from general admission, so plan this excursion ahead of time. 
Showers: Want to relax with a beer while still flexing your brain? Pop into a local brewery for trivia night! A Williamsburg staple since 2006, Alewerks hosts trivia every Wednesday night . Whether or not you remember anything you learn is one thing, but you’re sure to have a great brew no matter what.
Sunshine: Get outside! Paddle boards, canoes, and kayaks are all available for reservation or walk-up rental at the James City County Marina, just a 15 minute drive from the inn. The same inlets and shoals explored by John Smith are now yours for the viewing, up close and personal. 
Showers: Head over to the Muscarelle museum for a special collection of Dutch and Flemish pieces visiting Williamsburg from all over the southeast! These schools of art, famous for their focus on the beauty of light, should keep you feeling cheery whether or not you’re escaping a rain.    
Sunshine: Get going! If you’re the sort who brings their running shoes on vacation, meet up with other like minded folks every Thursday at the Williamsburg Winery for a gorgeous run.    
(And if you happen to be in town on May 5th, you can even run, walk, or bike the Colonial Parkway–one day only– for beautiful views of the river.)
Showers: Laugh it up! The Comedy Club of Williamsburg features a couple of hours of hilarity every weekend, with a mix of national headliners whose names you’ll recognize, and more local talent from up and down the East Coast. Check it out!  
Will you be spending Spring in Williamsburg? 

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