Getting to Know Billy Scruggs

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Billy and Sharon Scruggs, both natives of Williamsburg, are the owners and operators of the Fife & Drum Inn. They fulfilled their dream of having their own bed and breakfast in the town that they love in 1999. Here a few questions to get to know Billy, a local expert on all things Williamsburg!

1. What is your favorite thing to do in Williamsburg? Walking up and down the Duke of Gloucester Street.

2. What is the one thing you recommend every family should do while visiting Williamsburg? See everything you possibly can in the Historic Area.

3. For all the foodies out there, what’s your favorite thing to eat in town? Chocolate dipped ice cream custard cone at Retro’s Good Eats.

4. How long have you lived in the area? All of my life.

5. If you could host one famous guest (historical, deceased or living) at the inn, who would it be? Patrick Henry

6. What’s the best part about owning an inn? The opportunity to be able to share all there is to experience in this wonderful town!

We hope you’ll come experience the Historic Triangle and stay with us! We’re happy to help you plan your trip with great things to do and wonderful places to eat. Visit and make memories! We promise you’ll keep coming back again and again. Learn more at

Options for Thanksgiving Dinner in Williamsburg 2016

Shields Tavern with brown shutters

One of our longtime favorite restaurants in Williamsburg is LeYaca – amazing French cuisine – fabulous food. They will be serving from noon until 8 p.m. The menu for Thanksgiving is on the website @ They are located about 2 miles west of our inn on Rt. 60 west. (757) 220-3616.

This would be my first choice for the quality of food and value!

In Merchant’s Square, across the street from us at the Blue Talon, they will be serving their regular menu supplemented with traditional Thanksgiving items on the menu. Reservations required. Seatings from 3:00 – 7:30. (757)476-2583

Two blocks away from the inn, Berrett’s Seafood will be serving their regular lunch menu from 11:30 – 3 followed by dinner from 5-9 p.m. Each service will also offer a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for $18.95 at lunch and $28.95. (757) 253-1847

For all of the options below we recommend you call 1-800-HISTORY, and ask for dining reservations.

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Although many guests might like to dine in the Colonial Taverns for Thanksgiving, they fill up quickly.

You should try to book these as far in advance as possible. They offer a complete dinner, including tax and gratuity for $59.95 Adult and $23.95 children.

The Regency Room at the Williamsburg Inn still has one of the most elegant offerings of food and atmosphere.

The Williamsburg Lodge has two options:

  • The Dining Room will have their regular menu supplemented with traditional Thanksgiving fare on the menu. Reservations required.
  • The Conference Center will be serving a traditional buffet “Thanksgiving Feast” by reservation.

Brafferton Hall College of William and Mary

3 story brick building

Historic Williamsburg: Brafferton Hall College of William and Mary

The Brafferton Hall at the College of William and Mary is one of the three buildings that comprise the “Ancient Campus”. was built to educate Virginia Indians during the early 18th century. Funded by a bequest from Robert Boyle, the English scientist who discovered the circulation of blood, the Indian School was operated intermittently during the 18th century, without much success. One Indian chief is reputed to have complained of the education the boys received:

“When they came back to us, they were bad runners, ignorant of every means of living in the wood, unable to bear either cold or hunger. They were neither fit for hunters, warriors, nor councilors: they were totally good for nothing.”

Today the Brafferton houses the office of the President of the College. It is located to the left as you walk into Wren Yard (at the west end of the Duke of Gloucester Street). This area is known as the historic heart of the campus.  Of course the Fife and Drum Inn is conveniently located just one block to the north.

Lord Botetourt

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In front of the Brafferton, and in the center of Wren Yard is a statue of Lord Botetourt. The statue honors the popular 16th century governor of the colony of Virginia. Botetourt was actively involved in the academic life of the College of W&M and the colonial capital, he served as Rector of the Board of Visitors of the College. He was instrumental in establishing a fund to create two gold medals that would be awarded on an annual basis by the College for those that excelled in natural philosophy and classical learning.

The Brafferton

College of W & M

Lake Matoaka Amphitheater

W & M Admissions

Barnes & Noble Book Store

Barnes and Noble William and Mary Bookstore

William & Mary Bookstore with people around

William & Mary Bookstore: Barnes and Noble

This book store is the primary source of textbooks and supplies for students at the College of William and Mary. This well-stocked bookstore is just two blocks from The Fife and Drum Inn and is guaranteed not to disappoint even the most discriminate of book shoppers. Barnes and Noble has two floors that are stocked from floor to ceiling with books, stationary, magazines, CD’s, college souvenirs and memorabilia. There is even a Starbucks cafe on the second floor. The stores location on Duke of Gloucester and North Henry Streets makes for a convenient rest area after a morning or afternoon of touring the historic area or shopping in Merchants Square. As with all the downtown in Williamsburg there is free internet access.Trinkets and books specific to Williamsburg are available and worth the money to remind you of your time spent here in the Historic Triangle. As a side note the store has the only escalator in downtown Williamsburg.

William and Mary Adams Memorial Garden

garden with flowering plants

Adams Garden – College of William and Mary

The Adams Garden is a special secret garden in the heart of downtown Williamsburg. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy a contemplative moment on a busy day. Fun place to have a little picnic lunch when the weather is nice.

You can find the Adams Garden is next to Sorority Court at the corner of Richmond Road and N. Boundary Street. It was dedicated in November 1986 in memory of Gregory S. Adams, William and Mary College graduate class of ’81,   more than 200 donors have contributed to its’ creation.

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WATCH A Video On The Adams Garden in Downtown 

In addition to a great variety of azaleas, the garden also contains many tropical and semi-tropical plants, Approximately 5,000 different kinds of flowering bulbs are planted in the garden. Madelynn Watkinson is credited with the success of the garden; she started weeding it, as a volunteer, in 1986.

“We ask that this be hallowed ground, set aside from the wider College campus. We pray for your sons and daughters who will come home at the last, at the end of their days, to a place where they have been happy. We pray for all who will come home to be laid to rest here, as to our mother’s home once more, to the home of alma mater, the College of William and Mary.”

– Reverand John Maxwell Kerr, Episcopal Campus Minister Bruton Parish Church

I am some what embarrassed to say that I was not aware until recently that this memorial garden is also the final resting place for W&M alumni (and immediate family) that have requested their ashes be placed in the garden. There are plaques through out memorializing those that have made that choice.

For those eligible that would like to pre-plan interment arrangements more in formation is available on the William and Mary College site.